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Control Hiring Costs

Control your hiring costs and improve ROI with expert sourcing and vetting to find only qualified candidates. 

Avoid bad hires

Oh No! You know it within a few days. You made a hiring mistake. Most hiring managers have a 50% chance of a bad hire. That’s like trusting your hiring decisions to a coin toss. We can help increase your average to nearly 100%.

Build Your Team with Superstars

Work with a firm that talks to top talent at every point in the Industrial marketplace every day, from executives to the best rising Superstars.

Empower Your Personal Career

The pressure is on. Your executives and share holders expect you to successfully dominate the market. You simply can’t without the right people on your team. Recruiting Superstars is your #1 job. Build the right team & the rest takes care of itself.

Reduce Time to Hire

In a growing company you can’t afford to take months to fill critical positions.  We can help hire 10X faster.

Recruiting shouldn't be hard

Headhunting can play a critical role in your growth, but it comes at a price, and not just a monatary price.  The traditional recruitment model is broken and is not aligned with your interests.  Our fee structure breaks the traditional rules of the search industry.

Access To Hidden Talent

You’ll see candidates that you would not uncover on your own by partnering with a firm with direct access to relevant talent.


Find The Right Partnership

Recruiting should not be transactional.  Partner with a firm that provides a full scope of talent services, from retained and contingency searches for your direct hire needs, to building teams and providing as needed consulting for your talent needs.

Our not-so-secret plan

(Our top three strategies to get the job done)


Recruiting is a sales function.  You cannot wait for superstars to come to you.  You have to go get them.  Our 10+ years of experience and daily search process gives us a complete market map of the entire candidate pool to ensure that you have access to every qualified person and then identifies the right talent for your needs.  Learn More


Superstar candidates have choices. Are you ready to explain why they should choose you? Communicating an Employer Value Proposition that is unique and compelling to your ideal candidate.  It should clearly show why your company is a great place for them to invest their career.  Learn More



What does a Superstar look like? Do they walk faster or think quicker?  Knowing specifically what kind of person will excel in your company and role, and developing the right interview and screening techniques we will help you choose the candidate with the highest probability of success.  Learn More

The Ultimate Recruiting Guarantee

Our recruiting process of finding, attracting and helping you choose the right superstar that will be excited to join your team and is fully screened to virtually guarantee you won’t have a bad hire, and we back that up with our full 1-Year Guarantee


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Tips & advice

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Hiring is Ironically Harder in a Recession

Hiring is Ironically Harder in a Recession

Recruiting is always hard.  It was certainly hard when the economy was booming.  Ironically, it’s even harder when times are tough.  Why do I say that?  Well, in a recession, the volume of resumes from C players increases considerably while the volume of resumes from...

Video Interview Tips for Success

Video Interview Tips for Success

Many organizations have turned to work-from-home operations and traditional offices have congregated online, making video conferencing platforms a necessity of business.  Certainly, it is no surprise that companies are using video conferencing platforms for hiring and...

Hiring Prediction for the Remainder of 2020

Hiring Prediction for the Remainder of 2020

Over the past few weeks, I have tracked a new dynamic as I work with the best companies.  While many are stuck at home, and job interviews have moved to Zoom video the question remains: "What happens to hiring once we can venture outside?" My prediction is that hiring...

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