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There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Like most things in business There is no one-size-fits-all solution and recruiting is no exception.

For some companies, a recruiting firm can offer a great cost savings and improved quality of hire. But if your internal team is already driving great results, perhaps it won’t make sense.

The key is to critically evaluate your current recruiting process and see what would provide the best value for your unique situation.

If you want an outside perspective on how to move forward, click here to schedule a consultation with one of our recruiting experts.

More Cost-Efficient 

Whichever way you go about it, recruiting is expensive!

The costs of a full recruiting team, training, software, and infrastructure, and more can really add up. If you rely on HR for your recruiting needs, then you may be pulling them away from other important responsibilities like driving team performance and retention.

Cost is the #1 reason leaders and companies outsource recruiting. If you partner with the right recruiting agency that offers a full range of recruiting services, they can meet these needs at a tremendous cost-savings.

In many cases, it is simply more efficient to use a recruiting firm that already has a proven track record of delivering results at a lower cost.




two distinct activities with very different

goals and outcomes and requiring

very different skills and processes.


the act of Identifying prospect candidates who fit a target profile

It involves a specific process of researching and discovering profiles online using things like boolean strings and x-ray searches, alongside new technologies and creative techniques.  And even with the most leading edge technology and tools, it can be an incredibly time-consuming and laborious process.




two distinct activities

with very different

goals and outcomes

and requiring

very different

skills and processes.


the act of Sourcing, Contacting, Engaging, Attracting, Screening, Selecting and Closing a candidate

It involves 1 on 1 contact with a candidate. The full process of recruiting is often shared between multiple people both internal and external. For example, while one person (a recruiter) will do initial screening and phone interview, a different person (the hiring manager) might conduct interviews and make the final decision. They are all recruiting in some way.

Services we offer

Sourcing PLUS+

Skip right to the interviews.

We go beyond just research.  We engage and attract qualified candidates ready to interview.

If you simply need a way to target the right people and get your job opportunity in front of them them.  Our process will discover targeted profiles, build a pipeline of qualified candidates, find contact information and engage and entice them to your opportunity.  We use creative marketing techniques and technology to shorten a time-consuming and labor intensive process.

Build a stronger talent pipeline and make better hires.


Full service recruiting from sourcing, contacting, engaging, attracting, screening, selecting and closing candidates.

We provide an entirely different model that has never been seen in the recruitment industry.  With our full service recruiting model we help you choose the candidate with the highest probability of success with an interview process designed to make your hiring decision Fire-Proof.  We give your career an edge with training and tools to consistently hire a top-performing team throughout your entire career.

We back up all of our words and actions with the ultimate guarantee in the recruiting industry – 1 FULL YEAR GUARANTEE.

Recruitment Marketing

Marketing for your most important resource…YOUR PEOPLE​​

We use a unique hybrid blend of old-school outbound executive search and new-school inbound digital strategies to ensure a deep and wide candidate pool with exceptional quality at unmatched speed.

We employ an inbound digital marketing system that engages the marketplace consistently with valuable authority building content using 24/7/365 multimedia marketing campaigns


Target your competitor companies with Conquest Recruiting

Contract Staffing

Contract and Temporary Staffing provides companies with much flexibility.  From short to long-Term contracts using Hunter Davis Group contractors provides you with many benefits plus you can stop worrying about employee retention, professional development tracks, long hiring cycles, having to terminate underperforming employees, payroll tracking and processing, and so much more. 

Contract and Temporary Staffing

Short to Long-Term Contracts

To learn more about how we’re completely changing the game, and why you want us in your corner and not your competitors, click below to read more about our Superstar Recruiting System.

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