Hiring Prediction for the Remainder of 2020

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Over the past few weeks, I have tracked a new dynamic as I work with the best companies.  While many are stuck at home, and job interviews have moved to Zoom video the question remains: “What happens to hiring once we can venture outside?”

My prediction is that hiring will remain local…close to home.

45 days ago, headhunters and hiring managers searched for the best talent we could find, no matter where we found it.  If that meant luring someone across the country to relocate for the job, that’s what happened.  And if it was a great opportunity, great talent did not give a second thought to loading up the family and packing all of their belongings in a truck.

But that was so 2019.

As the stay at home orders are lifted, I am positive that hiring will remain a local for quite some time.  Few candidates are getting on a plane & traveling, on a whim, for a job interview.

Even those that once thought about relocating for a job are getting cold feet. I am seeing this new reality creeping in each day as I speak with candidates.  Even if they were willing to risk it all for the ideal job, they might be unable to sell their house.  Home sales & showings have frozen to a stop.

So with my prediction the bottom line is this….

Employers – Focus your time & energy on local candidates.  Don’t settle for B & C players.  Never settle! But the reality for now is that long distance deals likely are not closable.  Instead, find the best local candidates you can possibly find. And many of them are ready to talk for the first time in 10 years.

Candidates – Focus on local companies within a commutable distance.  Because once the dust settles and you are expected to get to an office it will at least be a viable role.  And in a recession, a viable role is a perfect role.

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