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Many organizations have turned to work-from-home operations and traditional offices have congregated online, making video conferencing platforms a necessity of business.  Certainly, it is no surprise that companies are using video conferencing platforms for hiring and conducting interviews online during this time as well.  The trouble with an online interview is that it is much different than an in-person interview.  Since video interviewing is new to many professionals both as an interviewer, but also as an interviewee we would like to make it a little easier for you and help you ace your next video interview.

Get Acquainted with the Platforms

There are many different online communication platforms.  Skype is well known, but many organizations are opting for Microsoft Teams and Zoom as their go to platforms lately.  So, if you aren’t already familiar with these programs, now is the time to download the app and experiment with the features to get familiar.  Some platforms require you to check your email and access a meeting link and/or an access code to attend a meeting.  Knowing how to handle certain technicalities can help you better prepare for your online interview.

Do a Test Run

Video interviews can be intimidating for the unacquainted, so you should do a test run with the platform and see how it works with your tech gear.  You do not want to wait until the last minute to find that your camera isn’t working, or that your microphone is not configured correctly.  Download the software, set up your account, log in and do a test run.  Here are a few tips:

  • Install the app on your phone as a backup, in case the software on your laptop fails during your interview.
  • Close any programs and extra tabs that are not necessary as they will slow down your PC which will in turn weaken the quality of the audio and video feed during your online interview.
  • Have a friend help you do a test run to make sure your audio and video are working.
  • Bonus Tip: To improve sound quality and ensure interviewers can hear you clearly use earphones.
  • If you do experience issues during the interview, use the chat feature in the platform to keep your interviewer informed on what is happening.

You will surely experience awkward silent moments in your video interview, but just remember to keep your cool and carry on.

Be Prompt

Being on time is always a good practice even under normal circumstances.  If you log into the interview and see window that says, ‘Waiting for the host to start the meeting,’ this means you have arrived before your interviewer. That is a good first impression.  Set up a reminder for 15 minutes before your scheduled interview to give yourself time to get settled and go over any notes you have prepared.

Prepare for your interview

While this holds true for all interviews whether phone, video or in-person, you should make a list of questions and notes you have for your interviewer ahead of time.  You can place your notes out of the view of the camera strategically as a cheat sheet to reference during your interview.  This will help you remember questions you need to ask the interviewer, but also key points and your accomplishments that help you stand out.

Follow Up

Be sure to ask your interviewer for their email (if you do not already have it) so you can send them a thank you email after the video call.  In your follow up email thank them for their time, remind them why you are great, reiterate your excitement, and be sure to let them know that you are interested. 

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