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Expertise through experience

Contain Hiring Costs

Contain your hiring costs while maximizing your new hire ROI by interviewing candidates vetted by an expert 

Hiring should take weeks, not months

In a rapidly-growing company, each day counts. You can’t afford to take months to fill important positions. And there’s no need. We’ll show you how to cut your recruiting time in half.

Avoid painful hiring mistakes

Ugh. You know it within a few days. You made a hiring mistake. Most hiring managers have a 50% batting average. That’s like trusting your hiring decisions to a coin toss. But learn the right way to do it, and your batting average can be 90-100%

Recruiting shouldn't be hard

Headhunting can play an important role in your growth, but it comes at a price, and not just a monatary price.  The traditional recruitment model is broken and is not aligned with your interests.  Our fee structure busts search industry rules and aligns with your interests.

Staff Your Team with Superstars

Work with a firm that talks to the top talent at every point in the Industrial marketplace daily, from executives such as yourself to the best up-and-coming talent

Access To Hidden Talent

Increase speed-to-hire for Sales professionals in critical roles by partnering with a firm with a direct conduit to the relevant talent  

Your investors are watching

The pressure’s on. Your partners expect you to hit your numbers, and dominate the market. You simply can’t without the right people on your team. Recruiting Superstars is your #1 job. Get it right & the rest takes care of itself.

Shut the Revolving Door of Body Shop Recruiters

Partner with a firm that provides a full spectrum of talent acquisition services – from retained and contingency searches for your direct hire needs, to building sales teams and providing on-demand consulting for your talent needs

Our not-so-secret plan

(Our top three strategies to get the job done)

Bullet Proof Selection

Using our data collected from thousands of interviews, we work with you to design a 5 part Bullet Proof Selection Process that essentially ‘de-risks’ your hiring decision.  Learn More


Performance Guarantee

We work to make sure your superstar finalists are not only excited to join, but are completely vetted through a backdoor referencing process that will virtually guarantee a mis-hire doesn’t slip through the cracks and back it up with our full 1-Year Guarantee.

Total Talent Map

An automated deep talent search process to create a complete market map of the entire candidate pool ensures that you have access to every qualified person and then identifies the top talent.  Learn More


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Is Your Career Trapped on the Hamster Wheel?

Is Your Career Trapped on the Hamster Wheel?

Are you on the C & D-player hamster wheel? You probably haven’t heard of the C & D-player hamster wheel (and to be fair most sales leaders have not) but it is still prevalent our industry. So, What is this C & D-player hamster wheel? LeadershipIQ did a...

Spotting Your Next Great Sales Leader

Spotting Your Next Great Sales Leader

How do you spot the next great sales leader? Discovering your next sales leader can be difficult amongst the sales ranks, whose prospects are often graded on purely being an individual contributor. When I advise my clients on how to spot rising stars, I tell them to...

We Can’t All Be A-Players, Right?

We Can’t All Be A-Players, Right?

Are you an A-Player? We all like to think we are A-Players, but is that really possible? Much like every parent thinks their child is above average when we know that’s simply not mathematically possible, when I talk to Industrial Sales Leaders and ask them point...

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