The Engagement Recession

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With many employees working in different environments from home to social distancing there is a lot of factors that are affecting our employee’s ability to perform.  The looming uncertainty of the economy, lockdowns, and anxiety are leaving people exhausted and distracted.  Whenever your employees are less engaged, your company’s bottom line takes a hit.

All of this is enough to make some leaders feel powerless. Between the pandemic and the economic slump, we have all had a lot on our plates. However, if you’re a business leader or HR leader, this is an area that needs your attention right now.

Brand new research by Enboarder proves there is an alarming disconnect between managers and employees during COVID-19.  The research reveals almost 75% of managers are confident they fully understand how their teams are feeling amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. But in stark contrast, only 32% of employees say their managers have specifically asked them how they are feeling.

Enboarder suggests that this new data helps to fill in the gaps since there is not a historical playbook to reference how this pandemic is affecting employee engagement.  In my 10+ years of recruiting in the trenches of the industry I can honestly say that employee engagement has been in a recession for a long time and employees are not really saying anything new right now that they have not said outside of a pandemic.

Sure, this pandemic has heightened anxieties and remote working has aided in a further disconnect, but the one key takeaway from this new research is that companies must double down (or even triple down) on their employee engagement.


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