The Conventional Recruitment Model is Broken

The Conventional Recruitment Model is Broken

Does it seem like your recruiter is more of an agent of the candidate when you are the one paying the bill?

The problem isn’t the recruiter.  The entire recruiting model that recruitment agencies work is broken and benefits no one.  The conventional contingency recruiting model emphasizes speed and volume, which leaves quality lacking.

This model incentivizes recruiters to quickly collect the best candidates they can easily get (active candidates), and market them to multiple companies to try to earn a commission.

The average contingent commission-based recruiter will work 10 searches to only fill 1, so most will work on roles that have a higher chance of placement, and not the more difficult searches.

With 10 to 1 odds, this conventional model encourages recruiters to act more like agents of the candidates rather than a partner aligning with their clients interests.  This means that your recruiter is likely sending the same candidates sourced for your search to the companies you compete with, causing unnecessary bidding wars, costing you more, dragging out the process and potentially having to start the whole search process again.

Increased competition, poor quality and misaligned interests are only a few reasons why the conventional recruitment model is broken, benefits no one and gives the industry a bad reputation.

At Hunter Davis Group,  we provide an entirely different model that has never been seen in the recruitment industry.  With our full service recruiting model we help you choose the candidate with the highest probability of success with an interview process designed to make your hiring decision Fire-Proof.  We give your career an edge with training and tools to consistently hire a top-performing team throughout your entire career.

We back up all of our words and actions with the ultimate guarantee in the recruiting industry – 1 FULL YEAR.


To learn more about how we’re changing the recruiting industry, and why you want us to recruit for you and not your competitors, click below to read more about our Superstar Recruiting System.

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