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Sourcing PLUS+

Skip right to the interviews and talk to qualified, interested candidates right away.
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Sourcing PLUS+

Skip right to the interviews.

We go beyond just research.  We engage and attract qualified candidates ready to interview.

If you simply need a way to target the right people and get your job opportunity in front of them them.  Our process will discover targeted profiles, build a pipeline of qualified candidates, find contact information and engage and entice them to your opportunity.  We use creative marketing techniques and technology to shorten a time-consuming and labor intensive process.

Build a stronger talent pipeline and make better hires.

We offer Sourcing PLUS+ to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in our marketplace.

Hiring Managers

Make better hires with a larger pool of qualified candidates.  Think strategically about your long term hiring needs, map all potential talent for a position and start building and nurturing relationships.

Internal Recruiting Teams

Be more productive and focus on engaging, attracting and closing quality candidates with valuable data that is accurate and targeted to your search. 


From the very first contact companies of all sizes get very different response rates from prosepective candidates depending on the candidate experience and messaging and industry trust.

Why Smart Leaders and Talent Acquisition Professionals Love Sourcing PLUS+


Less Expensive

Control your hiring costs and improve ROI with expert sourcing and vetting to find only qualified candidates.

Start with Interviewing

Simply target the right people and get your job opportunity in front of them them so you can start interviewing.

Uncover Hidden Talent

You’ll see candidates that you would not uncover on your own by partnering with a firm with direct access to relevant talent.


10X Faster

In a growing company you can’t afford to take months to fill critical positions.  Now you can hire in days, not months.

Hyper Targeted

Only highly qualified candidates are introduced.  No more unqualified applicants flooding your inbox with useless resumes.

Customized Projects

Identify quality candidates with a search customized to your unique business needs.
Sourcing Plus+ is designed to save you time and money while helping your team hire the people you need for success.
How It Works
Our process will discover targeted profiles, build a pipeline of qualified candidates, find contact information and engage and entice them to your opportunity.

Any Industry.  Any Location.  Any position.

Our sourcing process is high touch. We go beyond just research.  We engage and attract qualified candidates ready to interview.  We call every prospective candidate to qualify them for the role and confirm their interest and much more.
We use a variety of techniques, technology and data to identify qualified prospect candidates that match your target candidate profile.  We have developed repeatable processes to scale and deliver candidates at exceptional speed with excellent quality.
What You Get
A pool of high-quality, interested, and qualified candidates to streamline the process.  With quality, accurate information on candidates, leaders and recruiters can focus on effectively engaging with these candidates.
All of the information provided is organized and verified for accuracy.  We are able to access the entire talent pool to generate names, titles, contact information and more.
Org Charts Name Generation
Candidate Bios Market Wages
Diversity Identification Vacation Packages
Competitive Intelligence And More


What if I Need Help After That?
We would be happy to help.  We can help with outreach, screening, or interviewing – as much or little as you need.
Valuable Data
While Sourcing PLUS+ is mostly utilized for identifying and engaging candidates, that is only half the battle.  Our research has many other valuable applications.
Compensation Studies to gather competitive intelligence for clients. This enables clients to put together competitive compensation packages to ensure they’re offering enough to attract top talent without overpaying.  It gives you a read on what benefits are standard and what may give you the edge when a candidate is deciding between multiple offers.
Our research helps you make sure your offer is perfectly suited to draw in great candidates without breaking the budget.
Diversity Identification research gives you insight on the demographics of a specific workforce. This helps you determine whether your diversity initiatives are on track or not.

But we already have your own sourcing solution, what can you do better?

Existing sourcing strategies have limitations.

Technology can be very helpful for sourcing candidates, but it is a double-edged sword.

You can scour databases, buy contact lists, and perform boolean searches to generate more candidate names. However, we all know that information found on the internet and in databases is often inaccurate, outdated, or completely irrelevant. It’s frustrating to try to recruit candidates when it turns out you have incorrect titles, individuals are now working in completely different fields, or you’re simply calling wrong numbers.

LinkedIn is a great tool for finding people, but it only provides access to a small portion of the talent pool.

Our sourcing services are unique in that all of the data we provide is verified to be accurate the day we hand it to you. As a result, you can hit the ground running with complete confidence that the data you have is accurate and valuable to your search.

Our research gives you a considerable edge in the search for top talent. The quality, and accuracy of this information can’t be matched by AI solutions or software.

Our Sourcing Services Go Above and Beyond

LinkedIn may give you the impression that you have access to everyone, but that is not the case.  Only 44% of the U.S. population is on LinkedIn, and less than 20% of LinkedIn users even log on daily.

You may get hundreds of resumes pouring in from your job posting, but those resumes are coming from only 12% of the candidate pool that is actively looking.

Over 70% of the talent pool is ignored by most recruiting companies. Those passive candidates that are not online or applying to jobs.

Hunter Davis Group gives you access to 100% of the talent pool.

We get in touch with active and passive candidates as well as those who aren’t found easily online.

We map out organizational charts, so we’re able to find candidates in related roles who may be interested in a similar but different roles.

This allows companies to make offers to candidates who are ready for a promotion but haven’t yet received it at their current employer.

Organizational charts are powerful tools for accessing and engaging with passive candidates who’s job title may not be what it seems.

Our sourcing research provides access to more candidates, allowing you to make better hires faster.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Like most things in business there is no one-size-fits-all solution and recruiting is no exception.  For most companies, a recruiting firm can offer a great cost savings and improved quality of hire.  The key is to critically evaluate your current recruiting process and see what would provide the best value for your unique situation. 

Our recruiting experts can help guide you on how to best move forward.

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To learn more about how we’re completely changing the game, and why you want us in your corner and not your competitors, click below to read more about our Superstar Recruiting System.

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