Recruiting & Hiring Roadblocks

You have likely experienced these common challenges in hiring:


Making a hiring mistake or two can have a huge impact on your sales team and reflect poorly on you. Decreased moral, increased turnover risk, missed sales goals, and more stress on you and your team members are all consequences of a mis-hire.

Shortage of Qualified Candidates

Sales candidates have strong resumes outlining their experience, but when you probe further it turns out they don’t have the track record of success it says they do, or they do not have any relevant accomplishments that would prove a successful track record.

Takes Too Long to Hire

By the time you’re ready to hire, your candidate of choice has multiple offers or is already off the market. Top performers are only available for an average of 10 days only before getting hired.

Added pressures & longer workdays

Sales targets still have to be met even with a vacancy. Your success as a sales leader is dependent upon your sales teams’ performance, but you still have to deal with other stresses like appeasing your boss, and figuring out how to motivate your team on a consistent basis.

Recruiters are not reaching out to every potential candidate

Recruiters are not putting your opportunity in front of every potential candidate.  Recruiters only fill 1out of 10 jobs they work on, so they throw your critical role in with all the others and only scrape the low-hanging fruit, the 12% of the candidate pool that is actively looking.  They can’t afford to perform a deep-dive on a search they only have a 10% chance of filling, acting more like like the candidates agent then your recruiting partner.

Increased Hiring Costs

Not only is it easy to waste money on poor advertising or recruitment fees for non-performers, but attracting top performers and keeping them is becoming more expensive.

Your recruiter does not understand your needs

Recruiters who are not experienced and entrenched in your market do not truly understand your hiring needs, role objectives, or candidate profiles, and they are increasing your workload, and wasting your time having you review unsuitable resumes and interviewing candidates that are not a fit.

Making even one hiring mistake can have a huge impact on your team. It can impact revenue, team morale, and reflect poorly on you as a leader.  Hiring is your opportunity to leave your legacy, improve your team and prove that you can recruit, hire, and lead successfully.

The Conventional Recruitment Model is Broken

Does it seem like your recruiter is more of an agent of the candidate when you are the one paying the bill?  The problem isn’t the recruiter.  The entire recruiting model that external recruitment agencies work is broken and benefits no one…

To learn more about how we’re changing the recruiting industry, and why you want us to recruit for you and not your competitors, click below to read more about our Superstar Recruiting System.

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