Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs for this service for the jobseeker?

No.  This is a FREE service.  The employers and recruiters we partner with pay for any costs.

Where did my information go after I applied for a job?

When you apply, your information is forwarded to the recruiter(s) directly handling that job.

Who has access to my information?

Your information is only visible to us and the partner recruiters in our network.  Your resume and information is always kept confidential.  We will only submit your information to an employer company after discussing it with you and with your permission.

Will you sell my information?

No.  Never.  Your information is private and confidential.  Your information is only shared, after you have given permission, to employer companies you are interested in.

What happens next after I applied for a job?

If you are a close match, the recruiter directly handling that job will contact you to discuss the position and company and work with you during the interview process.

How can I get notified automatically when new jobs become available?

You can choose to get notified when jobs matching your search criteria become available by selecting 

I don't see any positions that interest me. What do I do?

Check back regularly as new jobs are added daily. 

You can also choose to get notified when jobs matching your search criteria become available by selecting 

How do I update my resume or contact information?

You can edit that information after you ūüĒĎSign In.

How can I search by keyword?

Keywords are best used to describe your skills, title, products, services or industry you are interested in.  You will see any job description that includes keywords you search for in your results.

How can I search by location?

Location can be searched by city, state or just city, or just state (in any combination).  When entering a specific city location the search radius from a location is approximetely 200 miles.

How do I edit/change or delete my saved career alert(s)?

In the job alert email you can click the REMOVE ALERT/UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom.

Can I post more than one version of my resume?

No.  You will want to submit a resume that is general enough to be applicable to any job you are qualified for and interested in.

How do I cancel my account?

Please email your request to [email protected] and we will remove your account.

I think I am a perfect match for a job. What else can I do?

First, confirm that you meet ALL the listed skills, experience and educational requirements AND are completely interested in ALL job duties and responsibilities AND you are completely comfortable with the salary range listed AND you are aware of the job location (and willing to relocate if necessary).

Second, email explaination of why you are a perfect fit.¬† Include line-by-line comments and details of how your background and experiences meet the requirements of the description.¬† Attach your resume and include the Job title and Job ID # in the subject and send to¬†[email protected].

Feel free include any additional information that you feel will further explain your qualifications for this job.  We will share your detailed responses with the recruiter and encourage them to contact you directly.  If you are a perfect fit then your email is sure to get your application noticed.  Our mission is to help you get interviews.

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