Webinar: 5 Tips to Beat Age Discrimination

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You’ll Learn How to Eliminate the Age Biases Against JobSeekers Over 40, Especially Those Over 50!

Overcome the common biases that keep mature candidates from getting hired and sometimes from even getting interviews.

  • Sell your age and experience as a benefit, rather than as something the employer should be concerned about.
  • Eliminate age and experience related resume mistakes that most seniors make. you’ll stop making mistakes that raise “red flags” for the hiring manager.
  • Learn how to make your resume “pop” and instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Understand what kinds of companies can be surprisingly perfect fits for older workers and how to find them.
  • You’ll understand how to talk with companies and make them “crave” you because of your experience and what you can do for them.

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In this FREE Webinar Training Peggy McKee will give you 5 tips to beat age discrimination in your job search and answer your questions.

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