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Our Recruiting Firm….

…only works with the best candidates.…

has  __ years of combined recruiting experience.…

is commited to their their clients’ and candidates’.

Blah   Blah   Blah…

Have you ever noticed that every recruiting firms website reads the same as the next one?  They make the same bold generic claims as everyone else, but you still get the same unqualified and unemployed candidates who already applied to your job posting.  Most recruiters will only fill 1 in 10 searches so they end up acting more like agents of the candidates.  The conventional recruitment model benefits no one and gives the industry a bad reputation.  The conventional recruitment model is broken.  Learn More

At Hunter Davis Group,  we have provide an entirely different model that has never been seen in the recruitment industry.  With our full service recruiting model we help you choose the candidate with the highest probability of success with an interview process designed to make your hiring decision Fire-Proof.  We will ignite your career with training and tools to consistently hire a top-performing team throughout your entire career.

We back up all of our words and actions with the ultimate guarantee in the recruiting industry – 1 FULL YEAR.

Conventional Recruiting

Comes Up Short


  • Only Reaches Active Candidates 12% 12%
  • Successful 1 out of 10 times 10% 10%

Mis-hires   (there is a 50/50 chance your next hire will be a mis-hire)


Minimal Guarantee (60 Days)

60 Days

Our Superstar Recruiting System

Gives You Results


  • Complete Market Map (Access to the entire candidate pool) 100% 100%
  • Full Transparency and Reporting 100% 100%

Mis-hires   (Access to our Fire-Proof interview process)

Virtually eliminate hiring mistakes

The Ultimate Guarantee – 1 Full Year 

365 Days


E6 Method

Our Superstar Recruiting System

We have identified the 6 critical components to consistently make great hires. We refer to it as E6 Process



Our Secret Weapon

Our propietary 24/7 platform that gives us the edge we need to accelerate our ability to attract and persuade the right talent for you quickly.

E6 Method

Our Superstar Recruiting System







(Our strategies to get the job done)

Complete Market Map

We are in the trenches every day talking to superstar talent 1 on 1 and nurturing that relationship until the time is right to make a career move.  Our 24/7/365 recruitment marketing system creates a complete deep and wide market map of the entire talent pool to ensure that you have access to every qualified candidate. 



Planning is critical to successful recruiting success.  Overlook this step and you increase your chance of a bad hire significantly.  We guide your through designing your Employer Value Proposition, defining your job, creating an interview template, and setting expectations. 


We leverage our strategic position in the trenches and our relationships to market you using a 24/7/365 recruitment marketing system to include: email, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, personalized video, cold-calls, and even direct mail. 


Recruiting is a sales function.  You cannot wait for superstars to come to you.  You have to go get them.  Our 10+ years of experience and daily search process gives us a complete market map of the entire candidate pool to ensure that you have access to every qualified person and then identifies the right talent for your needs.


Superstar candidates have choices. Are you ready to explain why they should choose you? Communicating an Employer Value Proposition that is unique and compelling to your ideal candidate.  It should clearly show why your company is a great place for them to invest their career.


What does a Superstar look like? Do they walk faster or think quicker?  Knowing specifically what kind of person will excel in your company and role, and developing the right interview and screening techniques we will help you choose the candidate with the highest probability of success.

The Ultimate Recruiting Guarantee

Our recruiting process of finding, attracting and helping you choose the right superstar that will be excited to join your team and is fully screened to virtually guarantee you won’t have a bad hire, and we back that up with our full 1-Year Guarantee


Deep and Wide

Laser Focused

Hyper Local


Our Rapid Automated Marketing Platform is our secret weapon. Our proprietary platform a steady stream of digital marketing and broadcast messaging that attracts, engages and nurtures talent to create a deep and wide market map using an optimal mix of recruiting mediums to target talent precisely when and where you need them.

It is always on 24/7 nurturing talent to create a deep and wide market map, but it can be used to focus in on a specific location, or profile.

It gives us the edge we need to accelerate our ability to attract and persuade the right talent for you.

To learn more about how we’re completely changing the game, and why you want us in your corner and not your competitors, click below to read more about our Superstar Recruiting System.

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